"Me Up High" - Rob Plato PhotographyI remember the first photo I ever took. I was about 12 and we had a class project to make our own pinhole cameras out of a shoebox and develop the black and white photos we made. I wish I still had that photo but I can see it in my minds eye still.  A grainy representation of the school yard with graphic power lines shooting above the horizon. Visual Language is a fascinating thing for me to be involved in. The way our brains interpret what we see and how we personally respond to it as individuals creates a lasting impact on us.

I spent almost a decade of traveling around the world in between odd jobs and ski seasons with my camera before I took my work to the next level. In 2005 I was fortunate enough to attend a full time professional photography program at Focal Point Visual Arts School in Vancouver. Needless to say it was an exciting time for me and for a year I absorbed as much as I could from the knowledgable faculty that was there at the time. With my new skills and new digital S.L.R which at the time was just beginning to be accepted as an option to film, I began shooting more around my home base in Fernie B.C.  I established my photography business there which included shooting at Cat skiing lodges around B.C eventually setting up photography programs with five different operations.

Over the years I’ve been able to mix my interests with the art of photography to capture and share some fantastic times and choice visual representations of the moment. My work has been published in various major ski magazines, websites and news articles and I have been assigned to shoot major events like The Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Catalogues like Jack Wolfskin Clothing. I am a well rounded photographer and stay interested in shooting fine art, editorial as well as wedding, portraiture, and commercial work for real-estate development,advertising and reports. I now live in beautiful Nelson B.C and would love to give you an estimate for any project you might have in mind. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking !