I’m Back Baby !

Finally after almost two years of being off the map due to unforeseen problems with web hosts disappearing thus my web presence disappearing I’m back on line with a new and improved site !  Sometimes things just have to blow up for improvements to be made and I am happy to finally be able to launch my new site. During my hiatus I’ve relocated to beautiful Nelson B.C but am still available for projects in Fernie and beyond.

Putting this site together has been a great way to reaffirm my passion for photography and has forced to me consider certain elements of my own style. In trying to strip it down and think about what type of photographer I want to be I’ve tried to include images in the galleries that I believe reflect what makes me unique. It is my hope that in the future I can combine more writing to accompany and improve these images that evoke feeling and have that “wow” factor that really makes for a successful photo. Pictures that are colourful, have strong visual interest and force the viewer to study it closer thus seeing more as their eye works it’s way around the image. You might say “Wow what is that! Oh I see its…” These are my favourite artistic or conceptual images though other areas of photography may require a more “realistic” representation of a subject such an approach is still possible.

That being said I’ve heard the remark ” oh that’s just photoshop thats not real. Everything I shoot is real. It’s the result of the cameras ability to capture quality of light which is sometimes surprising to the human eye. For example we don’t see stars tracing across the sky without a camera and a time lapse. I make a point of only using minor contrast and brightness adjustments in photoshop or black and white conversion to complete an image apart from tradition film techniques such as cross processing and filtration. After all a photograph no matter what the process is still just a representation of the real thing. Too much manipulation though and it becomes digital art.

Photography is a subjective art and everyones tastes are different so a strong understanding of visual language, light, colour and composition goes a long way. Fortunately as photographers we are able to use these skills whether we are taking a picture of a cheeseburger or a person skiing down a mountain and take a good or maybe even excellent picture.

It’s been an amazing ride so far and I’m very happy to be looking at the next stage in my photographic journey. To all those who have supported me in the past with encouragement and feedback and of course those of you who have purchased, published my work or hired me a sincere thank-you ! Much much more to come.